New Style Developments

Jim Valery and his son Ben are the cornerstone of multiple small real estate developments undertaken for profit or equity. Our joint venture and syndication style projects are undertaken with landowners and investors who share in the development profits.

With our service you become an armchair developer, sharing in the development profit with the safety of experienced partners conducting the work. This process gives investors security over the project property and allows them to choose the style of return they want to receive.

Services We Offer


Investor Opportunities

We offer a range of investment opportunities to allow everyone access into property development.


Joint Ventures

We believe landowners should benefit from total realisation of their property which is achieved through our joint venture options.


Project assistance services

We are happy to assist other developers through our structures using our diverse team of consultants and sale providers.

Client Testimonials

In my role the land owners representative, I worked closely with Jim and the team from New Style Developments in this recent Joint Venture whereby Jim subdivided off the rear portion of my clients land. My client and I were kept up to date and the development was undertaken in a manner where my client was able to continue to enjoy his lifestyle while also able to cash in on the equity he had in his property. My client now retains his house as he intended, but also has funds available to enjoy his retirement years

Paul Riley
Licensed Consultant

As a professional Town Planner, I have worked closely with Jim since mid 2014. It has been amazing to see how significantly his industry knowledge, processes and relationships have developed over this time. I can confidently say that he is now our most advanced developer client. Nowadays, he only brings fully developed proposals to me for checking, as he knows how to work through all the basics to rule out the dud sites on his own. Yet in spite of his advanced skills, he is wise enough to always remain open to new ideas/options and he is respectful enough to appreciate other people's expertise. Something which is a very rare value adding trait in the industry. I can confidently recommend Jim to anyone looking to do a development based on his planning knowledge.

Peta Charles
Town Planner

I have known and worked closely with Jim for over 3 years now, initially as an investor and I have also joint ventured with him on several projects over the last few years. Jim has a wealth of experience and detailed knowledge in property development projects, and his guidance and mentoring has given me the confidence to expand with other projects in my own right.
I appreciate Jim’s ‘can do’ attitude and his ability to consider issues from different angles and provide solutions to deliver successful project outcomes, and he always has the best interests of project partners at heart.

Craig M.