Joint Venture With Us

Our joint venture and syndication style projects are undertaken with landowners and investors who share in the development profits. Not everyone has the skills, knowledge, expertise, time, or contacts to commence their own development project. With our established network of experienced professional consultants and contractors, we are here to provide all that and more for your development.

Land Owner

Your property remains in your name and we orchestrate the development on your behalf. In return, we share in the profit while you realise the optimum return on your property.

We take out an option on the property and develop the project, providing the landowner with more attractive outcomes.

We undertake a joint venture using a development management agreement or other structure to subdivide excess land, allowing you to release some capital from your house without moving.


  • Monthly payment of interest to investor
  • Investment type is a commercial loan agreement backed by either a 1st or 2nd mortgage 
  • Monthly project updates
  • Achieve instant equity through co-development
  • Buy with no agent commission 
  • Keep developers profit through equity
  • Buy quality product in right areas at wholesale price
  • Minimum projected ROM at 22.5% p.a.
  • For investors with a higher risk profile
  • Build funds to achieve wholesale opportunities

Assessed deal to deal

  • Fixed rate return on money
  • Suits low risk profile investors
  • Build supplementary revenue for yourself or SMSF when shares and bank interest don’t
  • Builds your reserves so you can become a project investor
  • Provided with pre-release stock options in any development 
  • Some cost savings compared to general market purchases