About Us

New Style Developments is a boutique property development company. Recently, we have undertaken a 22-apartment development complex, a 30-lot subdivision, an infill townhouse development, and various smaller land developments. These often include renovations of existing properties and smaller subdivisions.

We specialise in infill markets (established areas) rather than large new estates or suburb creations. Smaller developments allow us to quickly react to changing circumstances in the property market. Our projects provide investors with diversity in the marketplace rather than total reliance on the performance of one project or area. Projects usually take 24 months or less to develop.

Infill developments don’t flood the market with new dwellings that artificially create capital growth through sheer volume as greenfield developments do (larger subdivisions that often create new suburbs). Pushing a large volume of housing stock into new markets can artificially inflate prices and capital growth. This leads to significant price reductions in value once new stock is no longer produced.

Our Mission: To provide investors with safe, strong performing investments and a favourable experience with New Style Developments.

Our Vision: To ensure investors, key people partners, and our internal team benefit from our shared development achievements.

Meet the team

Jim Valery

Jim Valery is the founder and Director of New Style Developments, with over $30,000,000 worth of property deals undertaken. He previously worked as a coal miner, then went on as the Queensland Secretary of the Coal Miners Union. Here he developed a passion for collective approaches in real estate and maintaining prosperous relationships. Jim strongly believes in self-education and has undertaken several property educational courses. He now remains a member of the Advanced Property Strategies Diamond group and calls on Nhan Nguyen as a mentor. Volunteer work is where Jim thrives. By sharing ideas and working with JV partners, he drives our company mindset of providing for others before ourselves. He regularly speaks at educational property events, using his past projects as the root of his lessons.

Ben Valery
Site Manager

Ben Valery progressed to Site Manager in only 3 years. He works with contractors in the field to ensure all projects adhere to the drawings and designs of consulting professionals. Safety is not optional on our sites, it is a must, and Ben keeps the sites in line with safe working procedures. Ben has also participated in personal property education courses. He now assists others through these courses and is a member of the Advanced Property Strategies Diamond group. Over the years, he worked closely with Jim to learn the ropes. Now Ben will soon branch out into his own projects. Everyone gets sick of working with their “old man” at some point.

Anna Halman
Business Development Manager

Anna Halman has a degree in telecommunications engineering; however, property is her passion. For 7 years, she worked in sales and business management. She speaks English and Russian and has worked in many places across the world. This global and multicultural perspective strengthens her international business expertise. Anna develops new business opportunities and manages relationships with clients, project managers, agents, and brokers. She also identifies and develops relationships with industry professionals to generate new business opportunities. Experienced with the real estate industry, Anna finds and researches prospective purchase deals. She negotiates, implements and finalises the purchase terms and contracts, as well as manages sales. Anna’s business-oriented mind drives the team.

Alpha Ibe
Admin Manager

Alpha graduated as a Veterinarian, but has worked extensively in different fields. A hustler in research and adept in administrative tasks, she is always passionate about delivering her best and going the extra mile to help her teammates. She is delighted working at a flexible schedule covering the admin aspects of the company. Alpha believes working with the team in New Style Developments will not only enhance her personality but develop her career to the next level.